These dive sites, resorts, dive company's and wrecks are one that our shop and its members frequent. It not meant as an all inclusive list, only ones that we have experinced and the information is first hand.

Local Quarries We Dive
Bainbridge Sportsmens Club
Dutch Springs
Wabank Aquaculture
Willow Springs
Guppy Gulch
Mt. Storm
Deep Creek

Boat Charters We Use
East Coast
Surface Interval
Gypsy Blood
Tuna Seizure
Dina Dee
OC Diver
John Jack
Sea Lion

North Carolina
Discovery Diving
Seaquest II
Olympus Diving
Scuba South Diving

Atlantis Divers

St. Lawrence Seaway
Seeway Vision/Sea & Sky

East Coast Wrecks We Dive
Washingtonian - 90 ft
Cherokee - 100ft
Subway Stop - 100ft
Delilah - 100ft
San Gil - 130ft
Hvoslef - 140ft
Northern Pacific - 150ft
Moonstone - 130ft
Stolt Dagali - 130ft
Oregon - 130ft
Resor - 130ft
Marine Electric - 130ft
Arundo - 130ft
Algol - 110-145ft
San Diego - 110ft
Chapparo - 80ft
Varanger - 140ft
Great Isaac - 90ft
San Jose - 110ft
Proteus - 120ft
Tarpon 140ft
Elizabeth Palmer - 90ft
Pinta - 90ft
Lana Carol - 80ft
Spartan - 70ft

More Wreck info:
Deep Explorers
NJ Scuba

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