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BSC is located in Lancaster County, south-central PA, 7.2 miles north of Columbia on Rt. 441, on the east shore of the Susquehanna River.
Bainbridge Sportsmens Club [BSC]
is divided into 2 Access Points!
Access A is the premier location for easy access to the lake. This area is divided into 'lower' and 'upper' A. Two covered pavilions at lower A provide exposure relief during the hot summer months. Numerous picnic tables and gear platforms allow for comfortable placement of divers, students and equipment. A new covered, enclosed, building is being erected at lower A for improved comfort during the early and late diving season. Entry to the 'lagoon' is a simple walk down the 'beach' with no surf to wade through.

Upper A features open exposure and a large area with picnic tables and gear platforms. Two entries to the water are provided: 1) a short, steep path drops you down to the water's edge within a very short surface swim to the training platforms, Pennsy truck and sunken boats;
2) a longer, gradual grade road eases to the water's edge on the 'road' of the original quarry.
Easy access to the 'lagoon' or the 'hole' is possible depending on your dive plan.

Underwater features in Access A include:
- Nnumerous training platforms, 13'-60'
- The Pennsy, an old cement truck
- The Dolphins Statue
- The Deep Boat at 90'
- The stairs to nowhere
- A wheelbarrow
- The step van
- The tanker
- The tunnel and water tanks
- The Cat
- The lunar landscape
- The aquarium
- A swim-through pipe
- The pump house

Access B offers a very different look at the lake. This setting is much more isolated and private compared to Access A but challenges divers with a safe but steep path and ramp and/or ladder for access to the water. One nice feature of Access B is the wooden platform that makes giant stride entries a breeze. There is no physical cover here at B but plenty of shade from the mature, towering trees. You will find a changing room, picnic tables and gear tables for your convenience.

Underwater features in Access B include:
- (3) 20' training platforms
- A school bus
- Three boats
- An old pickup truck
- A small airplane fuselage
- A motorcycle
- A canoe

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Lower Access A
The student entrance to dive

Upper Access A
Commonly used by the regulars

The Road
Common Access for Both A sites

Access B Gear Area
Where you gear up for Access B

Access B Docks
Where you giant stride in

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