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A great story about guppy gulch can be found here!
Scuba Divers of all levels find excitement at Guppy Gulch! The Quarry is located in Delta, Pennsylvania, just north of the Maryland state line, within an hour's commute from Baltimore and Harrisburg. Guppy Gulch is also within an hour and a half drive from Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Wilmington. Make the trip: it's a great weekend adventure. On weekends, call Guppy Gulch at our new phone number: (717) 456-7535.
The Gulch offers the following:
15 Acres of Spring-fed Water
Five Underwater Platforms at 10', 20, & 30'
Water Treated for Improved Visibility
Air Station on Site
Depths to 80 feet
120 feet of Floating Docks
Camping Facilities
Advanced Courses
Sunken Boats, Trains, Trucks & Cycles
Lots of Fish - But no Sharks!
Night Diving by Appointment
Year-round Diving
Parking Close to Dive Site
Pavilion and Picnic Tables
The floating docks at Guppy Gulch. These allow many entry points for divers.
Divers getting ready to enter the water on the floating docks.
A "party type" surface interval at one of the many picnic spots at Guppy Gulch!

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