Isn't it Dangerous?
Diving is much like driving a car or skiing. It's not any more dangerous then skiing down the slopes, or driving your car to work. You don't drive your car at 80 mph in the fog or the rain, you don't want to foolish things while diving. In fact, more people are actually injured playing golf than scuba diving. In a recent survey, diving ranked second only to bowling in sports safety.

Isn't it Expensive?
Scuba Diving is much like photography. There can be a high initial investment for equipment purchases, however, the equipment lasts for many, many years. We also have programs where you can purchase used, or rental gear, and we offer many financing options including a 90 days, same as cash plan.

Do I have to be Mark Spitz?
Only if you like those nifty Speedos... Actually, since scuba divers are generally underwater instead of on the surface, you don't need to be an expert swimmer. We often tell our students "if it hurts, you're doing something wrong." Scuba Diving is a non-competitive sport, and you need only be comfortable in the water.

Won't I be eaten by Sharks?
We're not usually in the shark food chain. In fact, shark sightings are so rare, that most divers are extremely happy excited to actually see one. Many people go on special shark diving trips in order to see sharks.

Where do you dive around here?
There are many opportunities for scuba diving within a three hour drive of Central Pennsylvania. Lancaster County has three "scuba parks" - man made lakes specifically outfitted for scuba diving, in addition to many creek, lake and river locations. The Delaware and New Jersey shores offer a wealth of wreck diving opportunities - and with the services of our local airports, you can be in warm water, diving, within half a day's travel.

How deep can you go?
A basic Open Water certification carries a suggested limit of 60 feet, and the Advanced Open Water certification carries a suggested limit of 130 feet. These are the limits PADI has arrived upon after many years of testing, observation, and calculations.

How do I see underwater if I have glasses?
Many people find they don't need glasses underwater because of water's magnifying effect. If you do, however, many people also quite easily wear contacts while diving, and you can even have your glasses prescription ground right into your mask.

What am I breathing?
The overwhelming majority of scuba divers are breathing compressed air. That's right - filtered, dry, air. Just plain air. Some divers take additional specialized training to enable them to use enriched air, or high oxygen content gas mixes. This allows them to lengthen the amount of time they can stay underwater.

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