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I am pretty sure this picture entitled "close buds" pretty much defines the lighter side! This is actually Instructor Denny Leese and DiveMaster Bud Fletcher! This has photo has been named "Photo of the Month" by Henderson for September 02! Congratulations to Dennie and Bud.

Well I am not sure what to say about this? I think we can call this one:Ice Ice Baby!

This is our beloved DM Jim Brown, trying to figure out how to Ice Dive and failing miserably, luckily he took the ice class the next week!

The Russians are coming the russians are coming!!!

Our beloved Cossacks Beautiful Bud and Rick Huck whipping up a little "Freebooting" - that is the only reference I can find as to what russians call their dance. -DV

Someone finally found Nemo?

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