Naked Man Scares Shark to Death?

Fri Jun 13,11:09 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A British comedian could face criminal charges over the death of a "sensitive" shark after he jumped into a tank at an aquarium in the nude, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported Friday.

The 12-year old smooth hound shark, which measured three feet, died suddenly two days after Guy Venables jumped into its tank as a publicity stunt at the Brighton Sea Life Center, southern England.

"This variety of shark is susceptible to stress. We are very concerned he died as a result of seeing Mr Venables jumping into the tank," Sea Life Center's Lisa Handscomb told the newspaper.

"The shark is being examined by our biological services team and if it is found that he died from stress, we will prosecute Mr Venables for criminal damage."

See the article here:

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