From John Gross,

Several days ago I invited Sharon & Bernie to go along on my AOW dives this weekend. They did there AOW in Cozumel and I thought they might enjoy comparing the differences. Sharon emailed back and wanted to know "Tell my why I would want to do a deep dive at Bainbrdge?" So I sent her the top 10 reasons to do a deep dive at Bainbridge (see below). Enjoy.

Hi Sharon & Bernie,

After sleeping on your question: "Tell me why I would want to do a deep dive at Bainbridge?"

Here are the top ten reasons:

10. You could try walking upside down on the bottom of the 60 foot platform like Diver Dan.
9. You can't get enough of nitrogen narcosis and the feeling that comes with it.
8. You get a kick out of breathing thick, heavy air.
7. No phone calls.
6. You like the silence.
5. You crave nitrogen micro-bubbles in your system.
4. You love the feel of neoprene over your entire body
3. You want to use your light without doing a night dive
2. You crave a long surface swim.
1. You want to cool off. Temperatures are a balmy 42 degrees.

So there they are the 10 best reasons to do a deep dive at Baingridge.


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