The following is a listing of all our website members who are always looking for new diving buddies and places to dive. Drop anyone an email to go diving. If you wish to become a member, please fill out this short form and you will be added to our list.
James "jimmyjam" Autry
410 sugarberry ct
Edgewood, MD 21040
Home: 410-676-7160
Cell: 443-910-2893

Open Water
Hi, I'm Jim. certified Oct 2003 at Guppy Gulch. Love to dive among other things. If you need a dive buddy, give me a yell. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Patrick Beck
1771 Marietta Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17603
Home: 392-6557

Open Water
I am 12 years old and recently got my open water diving certification. If anyone wants to go diving sometime, give me a call! I'd love to go!
Shawn Bleacher
74 Tennyson drive
Lancaster, PA. 17602
cell: 717-799-3450

Open Water
Finished certification last January down in Florida, looking to do some local diving for fun and experience.
Don Bradley
2457 Eastwood Drive
York, PA 17402
Home: (717) 757-7054
Cell: (717) 891-5880

Extensive experience at Wabank and Willow Springs. Minor experience at BSC and Dutch Springs. Have done dives from the Florida Keys, Bahamas, ABC Islands, Caymans, Bay Islands, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, and Nekton liveaboard trips.
David Brandon
3146 n. 6th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Home: (17-232-5532
Cell: 717-805-0994

Open Water
Just got re-certified with John and am loving the diving again. Soon to complete the Advanced course. Looking forward to exploring some of the local waters with my wife Jill who took the courses with me.
Tim "The Skimmer" Brandt
1217 Empire Circle
Lancaster, Pa 17601
Home: 898-3815
Cell: 587-2837

I used to spend a little time at the shop and quarries and have a "Divemaster card". I love any kind of diving, but will probably tell you "I can't this time, but call me for the next dive". All of my diving takes place in 3-10 feet of water these days but would like to do something a little deeper while the drysuit still kinda fits. Love to Golf though, will do that anytime!
Dwight Brenner
3467 Main Street
Conestoga,PA 17516

Open Water
Open Water certified in May 04.,thanks Kent. Did some diving in Bermuda in July. Dived Lake Champlain, VT in Sept. in the Historic Wreck Preserve. Want to do advanced open next. Need a buddy? Look me up. Flexible schedule.
Nate Brommer
1396 Nissley Rd
Landisville, Pa. 17538
Home: 898-3976
Cell: 587-0989

I dive Bainbridge, Wabank, and Willow Springs year round. I'm looking forward to some east coast wreck diving.
Jim "Uptown" Brown
2543 Fairway Drive
York, PA 17402
Home: 757-7643
Cell: 968-0145

Extensive BSC experience, Dutch Springs. NC wrecks, Caribbean, Florida, St. Lawrence Seaway, Delaware. Find me at The Wet Set
Dave DeBiase
155 Bobby Jones Drive
Etters PA 17319
Home: 717 439 2644
I certified while in the navy in 1982, then as 'Rescue Diver' while
stationed in Charleston, S.C. in 1984. Most of my early diving was done in murky lakes and rivers of the south and off shore along the east cost. I have become spoiled however by the diving in Aruba. Certified in cave diving but wreck diving gives me the greatest enjoyment.
Joe Dormer
1701 Taxville Rd 8E
York, PA 17404
Home: 717.792.6223
Cell: 717.577.6994

Adv Open Water
Love Diving. Local at BSC on Wed nights (I'm trying to reach that "regular" status. LOL) I live in York, with my wife and three daughters, so diving is as important as O2. Therapy begins at 50' ~ and it's cheaper than counseling.

All of my open ocean diving has been in Keys, Jamaica, Gulf of Mexico, etc... but I plan on hitting a few of the NC trips this year. :) I will dive with new divers, so if you are recently OW certified and want to get wet, come splash at the quarry; and you'll see the stuff that you missed during OW certification. Someone did it for me, and now it's my turn to return the favor. :)
Lia Fleckenstein
2112 Lyndell Dr
Lancaster, PA 17601
Home: (717) 295-3103

Open Water
I am 17 years old. I am now a certified open water scuba diver. I have always wanted to scuba dive ever since I can remember! Then in 9th grade we learned about our senior projects. So I choose scuba diving! It was a blast! My dad was also certified with me. I am thinking about going for my advanced open water certification. I hope to meet you all sometime! WooooooooooHooooooooooooo! SCUBA!!!!
Scott Fries
1750 Mountain View Road
Harrisburg, PA
Home: 213-0734
Cell: 939-5401

Been diving for a couple years, been lucky to have had good dives with great people in Caribbean and Costa Rica and local Quarry. Goals now to dive or snorkel with our friends the whales, whale sharks, hammerheads, and manatees. My other goal is to live in Costa Rica by June '05. Anyone interested in flying or driving (for the truly adventurous) to Costa Rica to dive or snorkel and explore, email me. Tune up in local quarries, too.
Ed Garrity
704 McGrann Blvd
Lancaster, PA, 170601
Home: 717 293 9192
Work: 717 295 6079

I love to dive, but can't get sufficient time. Keep me in mind, though! Some weekends. Weekdays at Willow Springs after 5:45 ok other than Tues and Wed (Softball).
Jeremy Gibbs
461 East 3rd Street
Bernville, PA 19506

Open Water
I received my certification a while ago and I'm just getting into diving this year. My schedule stays full through the week, but I'm starting to try to go on Sat or Sun.


David J Gaiski
1628 Paxton St.
Harrisburg Pa 17104
Home: 717-236-8396
Cell: 717-554-8247

Open Water
I'm 49, just started diving last July 03. So far this year I've got Drysuit Cert. and want to do Adv. Open water, and Nitrox. most of my diving has been with Bob Hanna. I've been to Bainbridge, Willow and Dutch Springs, Want to try some Wreck dives this a summer, but basically just want to dive.
Mike "The misplaced Irishman" Grogan
234 Stephen Lane
Ephrata PA
Home: 717-721-3881

Open Water
Probably the oldest new diver around. Retired aged 63years. Being trained up by John Gross.. Hell I figure 'why not'. Last year got myself a Private Flying License at Lancaster. Seen well above sea level, now lets have a look below it. Got high expectations of myself. When I get my open water along with my wife/buddy Terry, we are heading for drysuit training, advance open water and who knows where else. You will be seeing us around Smokey's and the local quarries. Looking forward to the trip to Cozumel April 2005.
Terry "Mike's Better Half" Grogan
234 Stephen Lane
Ephrata, PA 17522
Home: 721-3881
Cell: 333-4732

Don't know if I'm "scuba mad" or just "mad". Mike and I are always looking for a good dive - especially on the weekends. Dive Bainbridge and Dutch and any trip John Gross does :-)
John Gross
208 Main St,
Akron PA 17501
Home: 717-859-1338
Cell: 717-330-5645

You can usually find me dive/teaching at BSC or the Carribean.
Robert G. Hanna, Jr
740 Appenzell Dr.
Hummelstown, Pa. 17036
Home: 717 533-5208
Cell: 717 571-9897

Asst. Instructor
I Dive Dutch Spring, Willow Spring and Bainbridge. I have been diving the Outer Banks through the Olympus Dive Center for at least 10 years.
Vernon "Darth" Heagy
3887 Sterling Way
Columbia PA 17512
Home: 285-3348
Cell: 471-2155

I Love Cold Water Diving. All quarries, NC, Florida Keys, St Lawrence Seaway, East Coast Wreck Diving! SMOKEY'S RULES!!!
Bill "Mild Bill" Hockley
42 Mill Ct.
Womelsdorf, Pa. 19567
Home: 610-916-4223
Cell: 484-256-0951

Winter, summer, cold water or warm, I like all types of diving. Especially looking for some trips this summer to the Delaware Coast.
Bob Hoffman
979 Schuylkill Rd
Birdsboro, Pa. 19508

Adv Open Water
I'm trying to get back into diving. I'm looking for buddies for Bainbridge and Dutch and Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. I'm available most weekends.
Marcy Hoffman
6130 Springford Drive Apt. I-4
Harrisburg, PA
Phone: 215-5455

Open Water
I have been certified for several years but it's been awhile since I've been in the water. Hoping to get back into it!
Jim Jackson
2772 Milton Grove Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Home: 717-653-5259
Cell: 717-917-7118

With over 20 years of diving I spend most of my diving chasing my wife, Kathy (who just happens to be an instructor at Smokey's), all around the Caribbean. If you want to have a great dive vacation join us in the islands. Check our website to find out about our next adventure.
Nicole Kasheta
9 Archbald St.
Aarbondale Pa 18407
Home: 570-282-7932
Cell: 570-878-0315

Open Water
well I am certified since I was 16 now 19. Haven't been able to do much diving lately because of several knee surgeries. Have yet to do any diving any place in PA except for the CYC in Wilkes-Barre so let me know:)
David Katz
1461 Spring Hill Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Cell: 717-735-6414

Adv Open Water
Always open for some diving. Usually dive at Bainbridge. If you need a buddy call me at least a couple of days in advance, because I may need to arrange for babysitting.
Jennifer Kerr
18 State street
Middletown, PA 17057
Home: 944-4620
Cell: 991-5503

Open Water
I got certified at HACC for my college gym credits, and fell in love with diving. I am currently workings as a Realtors in Lemoyne PA, "only to pay for all my dive trips!" I forced my husband into getting certified, and he too has fallen in love with diving. We are both going to work towards Dive Master certification,since we were just recently offered jobs in Aruba with the dive company we went out with. Hope to meet some of you soon. Call us when you are going diving!
Marta Koock
PO Box 182
Annville, PA 17003

Cell: 717-572-8357

Adv. Open Water
Just recently got certified. I'm hooked. Trying to work on my Advanced and possibly Rescue if time and money allows. Interested in sharpening my skills so that I can venture into the search and recovery team.
Dennie "Viagra" Leese
1770 Hemlock Rd.
Lancaster, Pa. 17603
Home: 717-293-0641
Cell: 717-468-8187

Me and God were certified about the same time. Been there, done that. Always looking for a new spot. Gorgeous girls and old fat guys always welcome as dive buddies. Photo and video is my thing. Make it yours too.

Christopher E Leiphart
37 South 5th Street
Mount Wolf PA 17347
Home: 717-266-1319

Open Water

I love diving! It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, if you want to dive and you need a buddy, get in contact with me. I am currently open water certified. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Anthony "Ant" Lombardo

East Petersburg
Cell: (717)-314-3445

Adv Open Water
I got hooked diving by the great Dan Myers. I used to be a regular at the quarries and east coast wrecks, the marine corps kinda halted that but I'm always up for diving you just have to catch me while I'm on leave
Chris "Man Pretty" Mayo
785 Rohen Ridge Drive
Lititz, Pa 17543
Cell: 278-6948

I dive at Bainbridge and Wabank year round. I hope to get out and do some East Coast wrecks this year.
Charles McClung Jr.
16-147 Fisher Ave
Annville, Pa
(717) 991-7718

I love to dive, anytime, anywhere, with anyone. I'm up for anything. I'll dive as much as my work schedule will allow. Just let me know when and where.....
DeLandis McCoy

Lancaster, PA 17601

Adv Open Water
I have recently started to get back into diving. I would like to find a dive buddy in the Lancaster area.
Donna Mitschele
2543 Fairway Drive
York, PA 17402
Home: 717-757-7643
Cell: 717-968-0145

Open Water
Finally took the plunge into the "world of scuba" with fiancee, Jim after lifetime of travel to family island of Saba. Enjoy BSC and Dutch Springs, but a little prejudice about the crystal clear, WARM Caribbean waters. Gaining confidence and experience with every dive.
Mark "FreeFlow" Muenzen
Jersey or Pa, depending on the time of year

Adv Open Water
I'm a college student, currently doing an internship at the shop. I'm looking to expand my horizons in diving and will be taking Rescue in July. I'll around for most weekday mornings and most Sundays.
Mark "The Owner" Myers
412 N. Duke St.
Lancaster, PA 17602
Work: 717-393-5333

Asst. Instructor
Shawn Canady hooked me on diving more than 10 years and a couple hundred dives ago. East Coast, Quarries, Warm Water, Puddles, Water Tanks, it doesn't matter to me. I don't dive nearly as much as I would like to.

Carl E. Nell
260 Mt. Zion Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019
Home: (717)502-1193
Cell: (717)648-4314
Not a stranger to cold water, but like the tropical waters much better! I am looking at getting some "cold water" diving in at BSC or Willow Springs. I keep a pretty busy work schedule and am busy with the farm in early spring and late summer, but June, July, August may work. Call me if you need a buddy. I dove BSC, Willow Springs, St. Lawrence, So. Florida.
Bryan "The Palm" Palmer

I have been certified for 3 years now, when I graduated college 1 yr ago I really started diving so if you see me out and need a dive buddy or just looking for one let me know, I have dove the Carolina's, RI, St. Lawrence Seaway, BSC, Willow Springs, and Wabank Soon to be added Del & NJ, and possible AZ :)
Tom Pritchard
1465 Jill Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Cell: 717-645-6725

Quarry Rat and Thursday Night Irregular. Intermittent reef diver and wannabe wreck diver. Get out and dive!
Jeff and Kristi Raykos
72 Big Dam Road
Home: 717-502-1580
Cell: 717-497-1636

Assistant Instructors
We like to dive the quarries and new places in addition to all warm water destinations.
David Ressler
1142 Willow Street Pike
Lancaster PA 17602
Home: 717-397-3931
Cell: 717-471-2650

Open Water
I've been certified several years but have not been in the water as much as I would like. Been diving in St Thomas, St. Martin, Caymans, Florida, and locally. I need to get wet because I want to be an instructor.
Christopher Rosing
506 Colony Drive
Home: 717-986-0425
Cell: 717-265-3351

Adv Open Water
I was certified in 1986 at Fort Wetheril in Rhode Island. All my diving between 1986-1990 was in salt water mostly off Rhode Island and Connecticut. In 1999 I went to Cozumel and in 2001 I went on a Blackbeards cruise. In 2003 I decided to get back into diving on a regular basis. I am taking the rescue class in July. Next up will be Nitrox. I plan to dive on a weekly basis and am always looking for people to dive with. I am always monitoring my email. If you are looking for someone to dive with give me a call or shoot me an email!
John R Ruble Sr
403 Chestnut Tree Rd.
Elverson,Pa. 19520
Home: 610-286-0340
Cell: 484-459-6111

Have only dived in Bainbridge so far. Still learning and fine tuning skills. Certified 4 years ago and only have 26 dives total plus many hours of pool exercise honing skills and setting up new gear. Sometimes refer to myself as "the sorry ass diver" but if you need a buddy call and if available will go.
Chris "Pirate" Sander
235 sleepy hollow road
Nottingham, PA
Home: 717-548-0280
Cell: 302-379-3311

Got OW with John Gross in April '04, kind of went nuts since. Starting DM in '05, willing to try anything anywhere, prefer salt, but can't say no to 42deg at 95' at BSC. Always looking for ways to perfect Ninja Diving [a Belizean specialty]!
Kristen Sanderson
40 University Drive
Millersville, PA 17551
Home: 717-872-0733
Cell: 717-580-4688

Open Water
I just got certified for Open water with a great class and am interested in going diving as much as possible.
Cindi Scheib
611 South 29th St
Harrisburg PA 17111
Home: 717-564-8757

Adv Open Water
I've been diving since 1987, mostly in the Caribbean on dive vacations and cruises. I used to work every weekend, but now I am off every weekend and would like to do local diving and weekend trips.
Mark Seymour
2266 Coventry Rd
Lancaster PA 17601
Home: 717-559-2890
Cell: 717-634-6357
Asst. Instructor
You can usually find me at the shop or at the dive site, if you need a
buddy, email me or give me a call. Several Certs under my belt and always going for more. I am always looking for someone to dive with and if you can't find me, I am in the water already.
Sharon Slieker-Jones
142 Royal Court
York PA 17402
Home: 717-600-8991

Started diving Sep'03, and have become addicted! Looking for buddies willing to take this newbie under their wing. I have my certification in EANx, Drysuit & Underwater photography, parents think I should be certified INSANE! Out of all the quarries in the area, Bainbridge is the only one I have experienced, but would love to venture to the other local quarries. Will dive in all weather conditions, with an exception to electrical storms, probably something to do with the steel cylinder strapped to my back (you have to get out of the water at some point)!
Brian Snavely
259 Buttercup Drive
New Providence, PA. 17560
Home: 717-786-2984

Open Water
Became certified last fall and plan on taking the advanced course this spring. Ask me about my trip to Belize and diving the Blue Hole :)
Ralph Spayd
425 Sunrise Blvd.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Home: 717 367-9132
Cell: 717 468-7941

Asst. Instructor
Enjoy diving all the local quarries, East coast, NC, US Virgin Islands, BVI and Cozumel
Scott "The Rock" Steinbaecher
2597 craley rd.
wrightsville pa 17368
Home: 717-246-4675


I am a member at B.S.C. and at wabank I like to dive at least once a week and looking forward to some east coast wreck diving.
Kelly Stewart
424 Heatherwood Dr
Media, PA 19063
Home: 484-444-0785
Cell: 484-571-7006

I dive in all local quarries, I've been diving in Key Largo, California (Los Coranados Islands), Myrtle Beach SC, St. Lawrence Seaway, W Palm Beach FL. I am also a volunteer diver at the NJ Aquarium every other Sunday (began May 18, 2003).
John "Tibs" Thibodoux
9208 Owings Park Dr.
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Home: 410-262-5119

I have been a PADI instructor for 2yrs and I recently moved here from Florida. I'll dive just about anything, anytime, and am looking for places to dive locally.
Christopher Thompson

Lancaster, PA
Home: (717) 293- 8328

Open Water
I am a Technology teacher and I also study the Middle Ages. I am still meeting people and getting to know and love this sport.
Bryon and Cheryl Wetzler
101 Risser Rd
Bainbridge, Pa 17502

Open Water
My wife and I became certified in June 04 and have decided we enjoy it. Warmer is better for us though. Looking forward to some different dives and more challenges.
Bill White
180 Heatherwood dr
Ephrata Pa, 17522
Home: 738-2322

Adv Open Water
I have been certified only 3years. but only have about 20 dives. would like a dive "buddie" to dive the local quarries. I can usually dive during the day because I work 3rd shift. I'm now going to HACC so just call or email.
Keith Wrisley
50 Mystery Rose Lane
West Grove, PA 19390
Home: 610-869-3855
Cell: 610-322-8937

Certified since 1977, NAUI Instructor (Part Time), I enjoy meeting and diving with new people. Will dive almost anywhere, whenever possible. Give me a call or drop me an email.
Keith Zelinski
54 Governours pl
york pa
Cell: 717-840-1061

Open Water
I will be certified Aug 14 2005 I will have Enriched Air as well. I plan on Diving as much as I can and to continue my training. I have my own gear so give me a call if you want to dive sometime. Really interested in getting into cave diving and photography.
Elizabeth "Liz" Zyla

Used to live in the Lancaster area, and work at Smokey's but am now a Tech Ed teacher in Chicago.  Mostly a quarry diver but hope to get more experience with the lakes and warm water. Love Diving! What are you doing? Get out and dive!  


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