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Bud Bracken

Bud has been diving for more than 10 years. After coming up through the Smokey's system, Bud worked as an independent instructor for several years before returning to the fold. He is now the lead instructor for Smokey's, and in charge of the business side. Bud frequently travels and guides dive trips, and can be found teaching at BSC and the Lititz Rec Center. For his "real" job, Bud runs a computer consulting company helping small businesses with their accounting and sales systems. You can e-mail Bud here.


John Katerenchuk

I was first PADI certified in 2002 while on vacation in Maui.  Over the next two years I participated in many additional training sessions and completed over 400 dives and became qualified as a PADI  Master Scuba Diver and PADI Dive Master.  In 2004 I decided that I would become a PADI instructor and received my qualification.  Since then I have upgraded my instructing capabilities and obtained my PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification.  I am qualified to teach virtually all PADI courses up to Dive Master and most Specialty Courses. I have travelled and dived in our local quarries, off the coast of New Jersey, many location in the Caribean and throughout Asia.  I have continued to build upon my own personal learning and have received qualification in Gas Blending and Closed Circuit Rebreathers.  I am planning to complete additional training in the near future that will allow me to dive in Caves and use Trimix for deep wreck dives.  I prefer the warm waters and biodiversity of Asia but you can find me most Wednesday nights at Bainbridge, some Thursdays at Willow and a variety of locations on the weekend doing some kind of dive activity. You can e-mail me here.


James Zimmerman

I became a certified diver in November 2002, since that point all my diving has been local, cold water diving.  Places I frequent are New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Delaware and Maryland.  The farthest north I've been is Canada on the St. Lawrence.  I also dive quite a bit at Bainbridge, Willow, and Dutch Springs.  Over the summer you can find me at Bainbridge with my son who is currently learning to snorkel.  I enjoy diving for the technical experience which has led to becoming certified in decompression diving and closed circuit rebreathers. You can e-mail me here.


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